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Q: What is it for?
A: The AutoSPUpdater PowerShell-Script applies the desired Cumulative-Update or Service-Pack to your SharePoint Servers and finally proceeds with the update of the Farm itself.

Q: Why would I need it?
A: Because you like a healthy farm-environment. - The approach of running the Cumulative-Update setup during operating hours without influence to the operation of the Web-Applications does not work in every scenario anymore. Especially with SharePoint 2013 there are some recommendations to stop services while installing those binaries.

Q: What´s my benefit?
A: You save time. - AutoSPUpdater will automate a lot of tasks and checks, which will usually take you up to a few hours if you are operating a three-tiered infrastructure.

Q: What does it make so special
A: Well, AutoSPUpdater is the first tool of it´s kind, and it´s inventor is full of great ideas to make it even more usefull to the commuity of SharePoint-Administrators who struggle with the effort and the daily challenges arising from application-administration and infrastructure-operations.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Drop the PowerShell-Script and configuration-file to a location that´s accessible from your SharePoint-Servers. Adapt the XML-configuration file to your environment (the inline comments should be sufficient) and run it from your first Application-Server either from the command-line or the file-explorer.

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